Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Relationships & Magic

Some of you may be wondering, others may have already figured it out, and still others may not even care, but how the hell do have a relationship AND pick up road kill to bury in your yard and later dig up to collect the bones? How do you have someone to be with when you blot papercuts dry with a paper towel which you then fold up and put in your pocket for later blood work weaves? How do you keep a love life going when you have a house decorated with animal bones, dance around in the moonlight, talk to plants, jump out of your pants randomly when you see a spirit, talk off into the distance mid conversation, and any other number of odd borderline psychotic behaviors?

You get lucky that’s how.

You get lucky and keep a healthy love for yourself. You may get super lucky and have someone that shares your beliefs. Or you may get super super lucky and find someone who doesn’t but they don’t mind it. Street runs both ways, though. You can’t go jumping around smudging them and expect them not to mind.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Strange Lore

As a clever, charming, and sophisticated witch I enjoy researching and collecting folklore (witchlore for the most part).  I love all things that start with phrases like “It is said…” “An old way of….” “Traditionally…” etc.  So great is my fascination that any lore you have collected I would LOVE to hear it.  If you have any book recommendations or sources send ‘em my way! I’d appreciate it very much!
Also, looking around for all this lore also means that I stumble upon some weird stuff.  This weird stuff is what will make up the Strange Lore posts.  Typically they will probably be small paragraphs or even one sentence posts.  But they’ll be interesting to say the least. 

For example, the first entry in the Strange Lore category:

I was looking around the interwebs searching for items to add to my master lists (A fu-huge list of ingredients separated by intent. i.e., protection, love, luck, etc.) and eventually found a page on blackberries.  I love blackberries; they are just the most wonderful little things.  The brambles are GREAT in witch bottles as a spikey little bother to whatever you’re trying to trap.  Also, apparently, they are believed to protect individuals from vampires. 
This isn’t the weird bit because, frankly, I believe in vampires.  And I’m not talking about ‘psychic’ vampires or people vampires (individuals that when you are around them they just seem to suck the life out of everyone and everything).  Those are real, too, but I’m talking full-on suck your blood for sustenance vampires.  I love vampires and if I could run into one I would respectfully request to be turned into one.  Yeah, I know.  Ha-ha-ha he’s so funny.
Anyway, enough of that.  The weird bit about this tidbit of folklore emerges in the belief surrounding the blackberries protective qualities from vampires.  Apparently, if blackberries are planted close to a home, any vampires would be unable to enter the house because they would become obsessive about counting the berries and would ultimately forget their intentions.

Didn’t know that did ya?  Well, you’re welcome. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Robin's Housewarming Present!

Many of you probably already know, or maybe you don’t, how perfect moving households is for bestowing wishes on another.  When a friend moves, and you help them of course, and they get themselves all comfy cozy in their new abode tradition dictates some form of a housewarming extravaganza!!

Or at least some friends over for some wine.

Traditionally, your first visit as a guest to a friend or loved one’s new home is a time to present gifts typically symbolic of well wishes for their future.  A loaf of bread, a dish of salt, and a new broom are filled with good vibrations and wishes.  The bread is symbolic of the residents never going hungry, the salt so they always taste the flavor of life, and the broom to sweep away troubles.  Ain’t it just so dang cute!?

Here’s a few more:
            Wine: for joy and prosperity to reign forever
            Candles: So that you will always have light to banish the dark times
            Coins: For good luck
            Honey/Sugar: To remember the sweetness of life

Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!

However, housewarming for a witch is like ten times cuter and better and more awesome.

When Robin moved into her new place Tati and I set to work immediately concocting all sorts of magically inclined housewarming presents.  

So. Much. Fun.

We included the traditional items as well as some more suited for a witch…

First on the list, we baked a loaf of bread from scratch. 
The loaf was buttermilk orange bread and it was D-E-Freakin’-LICIOUS.  Since you guys are like the luckiest things in the world, I’m sharing the recipe for it.  (Follow the link below after this continued rambling).

Bonus tip: make up a flavored butter to go with it.  When I presented the gift to Robin I made cinnamon sugar butter in the shape of a pumpkin to go along with the bread.  I also died from cuteness. PUMPKIN SHAPED BUTTER ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 

Bonus Bonus tip: Make your own damn butter! It’s not hard! Plus, a by-product of making your own butter is BUTTERMILK. Ch’yeah. Worth it. Watch for a post on how to make your own butter coming soon!

Plus, you can boast that you handmade everything for the bread and butter and we all know that handmade is generally totally wonderful and everyone will be completely jealous and think that you basically can perform miracles.  Like for real.

If you’d like to try your hand at making this DELIGHTFUL bread than click here: The Num Num files

The next part of the gift was a homemade broom!  

Seriously, fun times. 

Broom making is fantastic fun.  Here’s a picture of the broom I made for Robin! Yay!  Brooms are kind of also sort of available for sale.  The only trouble would be shipping but I’m sure I could find a way to handle it or if you live in the area you can just pick it up! Hoooooray!
Brooms should always be stored bristles UP!
Look how cute it is!

Robin’s new place has a mischievous little bugger hanging out in the attic so to help her clear out her space and protect her until she can get her boundaries set I designed this broom with some added oomph.  I found the handle in the forest near my house after asking the Lady of the Woods to help me find the best handle.  At home I sat outside and looked over the new handle.  I picked off the bark as it was loose and revealed tracks on the wood almost like a magical language carved in an ancient script.  Then I lightly scrubbed it with some sea salt water and used some of my homemade protection oil 
as a polish for the broom handle.  

Homemade Protection oil
The bristles are anointed with the protection oil as well.  Once the broom was complete I picked it up to move it to the spot where it would remain until I presented it to Robin and it almost knocked me on my butt! It was like a sudden wind smacked into me!  This precious baby packs a wallop!

Unicorn angels playing with puppies and kittens, yo.
Robin also received a bottle of a one-of-a-kind, personalized, money/prosperity attraction oil hand concocted.  It smells like unicorn angels playing with puppies and kittens.  Yeah.  That good. 

The next item in Robin’s gift basket was a favorite, and super effective, charm known as The Crossbones Amulet.   (Post on the crossbones coming soon).
This amulet is so great that no words have been invented to describe it yet.  
Whippleshmaggen is close, though.  

Anyway, The Crossbones Amulet is a traditional Hoodoo charm extremely useful for collecting and holding all forms of negative energies.  Such a WONDERFUL charm to have.  I made one for myself and the next day it was shattered and broken.  I had left it on my altar over night. That’s it.  I wasn’t out frolicking around with it or anything.  I had placed it nicely on my altar after it was complete and planned to wear it the following day.  I found it in shambles on the floor.  Thank goodness I made it when I did otherwise I would have suffered with whatever struck my charm! Anyway, SUPER AMAZING!

Next we have the ever lovely Four Thieves Vinegar.  FTV

A witch's staple, at least for all the witch's I know because I tend to force it upon them, is Mugwort! I made a little pouch for Robin and included it in her gift basket.  I love Mugwort, and I'll do a post soon explaining why, but the main reason is due to its extreme psychic enhancement.  Nothing makes me feel more witchy than smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, and I suppose hearing, Mugwort.  Add a small pinch to a cup of tea and hold on! 

To top off her gift I threw in some candles handmade for banishment and a hand written letter explaining all the goodies. :)

Also, a giant bottle of wine in a little Halloween 'wine bag' I found at a thrift store. IT HAD LITTLE BATS ON IT! AH! 

Completed basket of all the goodies!

Freakin’ neat-o!

Num Num Files: Buttermilk Orange Bread

Like most every other bread, this recipe is all about the prep time with very little chef-involvement-time. It takes about two hours or so in all the rising and punching and such, but only about forty minutes of you having to do something with it.  Unless of course you’re sitting there watching the bread rise in which case I would suggest you get a life (affectionately, of course).

¼ cup warmish hotish water. Like not boiling or anything but you want some steam.
2 - ¼ tsp (1 Package) dry active yeast
1 cup buttermilk at room temperature
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter at room temperature
The grated rind of 1 medium orange
3 – ½ cups flour – I used ‘Better for bread’ flour but you can use whatevvvv

1.     In a large bowl mix the water and yeast together thoroughly.  Add into the bowl the buttermilk, the honey, the salt, the butter, and the orange and stir together (thoroughly).  Add 2 and ½ cups of the flour and mix thoroughly.  Use the remaining flour to add slowly until a dough is formed that will follow the spoon around the bowl.  Place the dough onto a floured surface and knead for about ten minutes adding bits of flour as needed, just don’t get crazy.  Knead until the dough is smooth to the touch and firm.  Grease a mixing bowl and place the dough inside.  Flip the dough over so that both sides are lightly coated with the grease.  Cover the bowl with a clean cloth and let rise in a warm place for about one hour.
2.     Now comes the best part about making bread: PUNCH DOWN THE DOUGH.  Punching down dough is an EXTREMELY satisfying activity.  It makes this cute little noise and everything!!! Then, place the dough back on a lightly floured surface and knead until all bubbles are smushed out.  Shape the dough into a loaf and place in a greased bread pan or whatever you’re baking it in.  Cover dough again with a cloth and let rise until it has doubled in size, roughly 45 minutes to an hour. 
3.     Put the bread in the oven at 350*F for 40 minutes.  The top of the bread should be a golden brown and sound hollow when tapped/flicked.  Remove and let cool on a rack.  Be a hero to everyone who tries this bread.

Particularly tasty with a doctored butter.  Say perhaps a cinnamon sugar butter or maybe a honey butter?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Services & Products

Welp. It’s finally here.  We’ve done it.

            Here’s our list of services and products! BOO-YAH.
If you are interested in our services and products contact us through e-mail at roanhallacres@gmail.com or message us on facebook at Roan Hall-Acres.  Please do not hesitate to ask us ANY questions! Also, pictures will be coming soon!

A view from the shop
Readings & Weaves - Glimpsing through the mists: 

Reading (Individual) - $5 for one question
Reading (Individual) - $8 for three questions
Reading (Individual) - $6 for a general reading (No question, reading shows just what we see coming or going or staying or both or whatever of interest)
Triple Reading - Add $5 to any service - Reading is performed by all three of us resulting in much more detail AND probably more humorous explanations. We're pretty funny at times.
Custom Weave - Designed for your specific scenario - $20*
Dream Therapy - $10 per dream interpretation

Charms, Talismans, Pendulums, & Curios:
Weave Pouch - $10
Customized Weave Pouch - $15* - designed for your specific scenario*
DreamCatcher - $13 - $15
Weave Candles - $4 each (two candles, see picture below) (buy two get third half off! That is to say, six candles for $10!)
Custom Weave Candle - $13 for 4 - Made for your specific scenario*

Weave Candles and my little house protector guy. Cute huh?
*All listings followed by an (*) indicate the possibility of an additional charge IF supplies are needed, hard to find, rare, etc. This information will be discussed before finalization of a purchase. You will have the choice to go ahead with the needed ingredient or material or request a substitute in order to avoid the additional charge. We're nice people though, so, we're not going to be all bitchy about it. :)

There will be more up for sale as we go along.  The products and items listed above are the ‘ol standbys and will be available FOOORRRREEEEEEVVVVEEEEERRRRRRR.  Other stuff is on its way.  There are TONS of things on their way to this blog/shop.  We are also open to the idea of custom work, so just ask us!

Ask us!

Ask us!
If there is something you’re looking for that you don’t see above, ask us.  Chances are we know something about it or where to point you. Ask us about anything even if you do see it above! If you’re interested in something, ask us.  If you’re looking for something, ask us! If you want to know how we perceive something, ask us!
Ya know what? ASK US!
We like to talk and we like to meet new people especially those interested in spirituality! Shoot us an e-mail, find us on facebook, whatever. 

About us. Who we are. What we do. Why we do it.

Eventually we will be using this space effectively.  Right now we’re still getting started. 
Shit, it takes a lot of work starting a blog/shop!

Anyway. Enough of that poppycock.  Let’s start things off with a little introduction.
 The three of us found our connection over two years ago and have been working closely since.  Once the connection was noticed we began to explore it.  We found that we have shared several lives together and have been spiritual partners in most of them.  We like to visit graveyards and chat with the dead.  We like channeling.  We like looking into past lives.  We like spirits.  We like entities.  We like all beings, after all they each have their place.  We love Halloween, which we celebrate IN ADDITION to Samhain instead of combining the two or just celebrating one.  We like cooking.  We like brews.  We like booze.  We like our hair.  And we like you. 

            We want to be a resource for others on The Path.  Questions, comments, answers, etc.  All is welcome to us.  We have gathered a great deal of information in our lives (Get it? Because of the past life statement earlier??! Huh? Funny right? Ha!) and know a great many things…

So, it’s much easier to answer a question than write a summary about oneself.  If you desire to know anything more please ask.  If not we hope you enjoy what we do!  We sometimes share the how-to’s if you ask us nicely.  And compliment us.  Yesss complimentssss!

Here is a little more in depth information on each of us.

Aranohna as a scary ghost face!! Ahhh!

 Aranohna: Since very young I have been interested in the supernatural and the mystical.  All things magical called to me and held my attention more than anything else.  I found comfort in the typical ‘scary’ things and grew to love them in an almost parent/child manner.  I know.  Sounds weird.  I have also played with things that were not there, looked off into space for long periods of time, and talked to things that no one else heard. Your basic witch childhood, if you will.
            Anyway, naturally I picked up an interest in Wicca.  When I was roughly thirteen years old I got my hands on books all about Wicca! It was so exciting! I memorized the rules and read everything three times before trying even the tiniest thing! Hooray! Yay! It was so exciting and fun and I was the most studious little witch ever! (I don’t call what I do now Wicca, hence the sort-of facetious tone…)
            Then one night while slumbering in bed I was awakened.  I felt with incredible realness hands wrapped around my throat and squeezing tightly.  I felt the air trapped in my lungs and I began to panic.  I could not breath.  I could not get free.  As I squirmed from side to side trying to find a way to release myself from his grip my eyes began to focus.  Slowly the shape of a large man emerged out of the darkness.  He was bald with rough features and rough hands.  His face was stubbly and his black skin was glistening with frustrated sweat.  He cursed a few words out, mumbled something about killing, and then in an instant was gone.  I could breath and as the air began to fill me I immediately threw up metaphysical walls locking me into a private little box. 
            I kept that box up until 2008 or so when I began cautiously testing the waters.  I wanted nothing to do with magical activities or spirits or entities or anything after that night.  However, I overcame my fear and investigated.  I searched my memory to find the details and relived it all.  I suppose that I needed to learn about protection before I did anything else on The Path.  Learned that lesson loud and clear, I tell you what. 
            Soon after I met Robin and her daughter, Tati.  We quickly bonded once I was in the place where I could explore my interests in The Path with them.  We have been stuck together ever since. I developed the gifts that I demonstrated earlier in life and have successfully torn down most of the unnecessary metaphysical walls I placed up for protection.  I have learned how to protect myself and as such I opened up and allowed for experiences again.  I have clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, I’m intuitive and empathic (which is pretty annoying sometimes), I have prophetic dreams and visions, I scry, I astral travel, I meditate, and so much more.  I have a seemingly natural ability to get along with plants (they are SUCH good listeners) and I love working with them.  I am intensely interested in homemade natural products for all sorts of things.  Like so many others on The Path, I’m blessed to have been approached by Crow as a spirit animal.  It’s really hard to put everything down in a short bio so I’m just going to stop.  More about me will slip out as I make more posts (I’m the primary writer of the blog).  And more about Robin and Tati will slip through, too. 


Robin: Robin  grew up with the ability to see and hear spirits, as well as an awareness of past lives.  Although there was no encouragement from her family and friends, she was determined to believe in her inner voice.  Robin has spent her life searching and discovering new and old applications for her natural gifts and abilities. 
Robin has been guided to pursue spiritual studies, metaphysics, and weave work.  She uses her natural intuitive and empathic qualities to do higher-self readings, guided journeys, house cleansing and blessings, tarot readings, and creative individualized weaves.  At this time, Robin is being guided to experiment with and begin helping others through Akashic Record reading as well.  Channeling the energies of the elements as well as other entities also impacts Robin's ability to help others and gather information for contribution for the higher good.


Tati: As Robin’s youngest daughter, Tati stood to inherit marvelous gifts of sight.  She has demonstrated a natural ability in many areas of spiritual outreach.  Through some past life exercises she has developed an attachment to the Goddess Isis and brings her strong will when she needs to.  Tati has shown a natural ability to channel and can slip into a trance at the drop of a hat.  Her gifts are still developing and we expect to see a great many things from her.

We each have our own individual methods of performing on The Path and we encourage you to get to know us! We’re nice people and make great friends.  

We hope that this glimpse helps you develop a connection with us.  I realize that my bio is just a tad longer than Robin and Tati’s… Whoops.

Anyway, we look forward to meeting you and we wish you a fond Blessed Be. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Greetings and Salutations-

Hello to all from these witches three.

Please be patient as we set up our blog and facebook sites.  We promise that it shall be worth your patience.

We dabble in a lot.

A little here.

More there.

We decided to start a blog and site in order to reach out to others.  We wish to help those that we can and point those we can't in the right direction.  We hope to connect with others of a similar faith and hopefully share in our beliefs and our ways.